Episode Thirty-Nine: Live + 1

Episode Thirty-Nine is a track by track breakdown and analysis of the album Live + 1. This EP was recorded live in Chicago by Frehley’s Comet and released as a hold over for fans between the first and second Frehley’s Comet albums. Four live songs and one brand new studio track make up the EP. The live songs include two classic KISS era gems and two Frehley’s Comet songs.


Episode Thirty-Eight: Chikara

Episode Thirty-Eight is an in depth look at a Japanese only release of collected material. Chikara. The release was limited to 100,000 copies and the album has been long out of print, so this may be one of the hardest KISS albums to get and one of the rarest to see in a collection. On this episode of The Psycho Circus Podcast, Ryo provides an analytical overview of Chikara, followed by an in-depth look at each track on the album.

Bonus Episode: And We Have Tour Dates!

This bonus episode is all about The End Of The Road Tour Dates that were just announced. Locations, Ticket Prices, and speculation on obtaining tickets are all subjects discussed. Ryo gives his take on what the first leg of this tour will look like, what to expect afterwards, and how many shows he is going to try to attend.

Episode Thirty-Six: KISS Favorites!

Episode Thirty-Six is a look at the first favorites collection that Ryo put together as a young lad. Favorites was the first mix tape made devoted strictly to the band and it is chock full of gems and classic KISS songs that still sound exceptional to this day. Even though the number of tracks to choose from was much less in 1988, the 24 songs that made the cut are magnificent!

Episode Thirty-Five: Crazy Nights, The Video

Episode Thirty-Five is a track by track breakdown and analysis of the home video, Crazy Nights. What the heck was the band thinking dressing in those clothes? Why is each video almost identical? And who the heck sold the band on these so called storylines? All that and Ryo’s personal opinion on each video. Let the debate begin!

Episode Thirty-Four: Crazy Nights

Episode Thirty-Four is a track by track breakdown and analysis of the album Crazy Nights. It was the 80s. Times were different. KISS was still wearing their flashy, loud clothing or (in the case of Paul Stanley) going shirtless. And they were making some exceptional music as well.